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Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System is principally an entire building management code that may enable you to manage a web booking or reservation system, area management system, client management, user asking system, human resource management system, and more. This code provides an associate degree Admin panel and a gorgeous website that guarantee a hassle-free operation.

Which Modules Will You Get in our Hotel Management System?

Interactive Dashboard

With this module, you’ll get an associate degree overall abstract of your system. This module is often able to represent the expense outline and maintenance value through pie-chart and line charts. Moreover, these graphical representations facilitate to reinforcement of the users expertise. This module will offer the subsequent aspects yet. Moreover, you’ll get a graphical comparison between booking confirmed and booking unfinished. This module helps you to simply perceive the whole booking quantity and also the total range of booking through a chart. Also, you’ll observe the subsequent things through this module.

  • Total Booking history
  • Total Reservation
  • Today Booking List
  • Next-Day Booking List
  • Customer List and more!

Customer Management

Customers square measure the blessing or uniqueness of your business, and undoubtedly, you have got to manage your customers properly. while not being a client management system, your automation method is going to be wholly incomplete. Our edifice management code is integrated with a CRM system, and you’ll be able to manage all the customer-related activities through this module. This module will permit you to feature new customers and handle the present customers.

  • Add Customer
  • Manage Customer

Room Reservation

As this computer code is principally a PMS edifice computer code, it’s obvious to own a space reservation system. while not this module, you wish to manually manage all reservations or bookings, which can be long. Management System provides a whole area reservation system that will permit you to handle all booking-related activities. as an example, you’ll be able to add arrival and check-out times, and this module will mechanically generate booking numbers consistent with the booking data.

  • Room Booking
  • Check-In
  • Check Out

Room Settings

This one is another essential module to manage your building business with success. If you would like to orient your rooms mechanically, you have got to want an area setup system. This module will enable you to prepare your tasks, and you’ll add bed name, begin category name, and alternative necessary criteria. Moreover, you’ll simply allot the rooms in line with the booking varieties through this module. the foremost important advantage of this module is that it will enable you to manage the ground arrange and transfer all the pictures of your rooms.

  • Bed List
  • Start Class List
  • Manage Booking Types
  • Manage Floor Plan
  • Room List
  • Room Image

Room Facilities

As the associate owner of the building business, you will give varied facilities, however, it’ll be risky if you would like to keep up these manually. to think about this, we are going to give a module, specifically Facilities, that may enable you to produce miscellaneous facilities for your customers. By mistreatment of this module, you’ll add any quiet facility, no matter what you want; you only ought to place the power name. Also, you’ll manage these facilities and make a listing of all area sizes through this module.

  • Manage Facility
  • Facility Details List
  • Room Size List

Supplier Management

Suppliers play a big role in your edifice business, and to manage the general activities of the suppliers, you wish a provider module in your edifice management computer code. while not this module, you’ll be able to not manage the overall influx and outflow of your inventory. Moreover, this module will enable you to feature suppliers to place some needed data. Also, you’ll be able to simply handle all the suppliers and find a comprehensive list.

  • Add Supplier
  • Manage Supplier

Product Management

To manage your inventory system, you’ve got to want an entire product management module. while not this module, you’ll not add any merchandise, and rather you’ve got to feature the merchandise manually. therein case, there’ll be an enormous likelihood of mismatching the records and error. Using this module, you’ll resolve all of the problems, and it will permit you to feature the mandatory merchandise. however, before adding any product, you’ve got to line up the activity unit, and you’ll do these types of activities through this module.

  • Add Unit
  • Add Product
  • Manage Product

Purchase Management

Hotel Management System, you’ll be able to get another crucial module that will assist you to manage the merchandise purchase-related activities from the provider. As this computer code provides a provider module and a product module, it’s apparent to own an acquisition management system during this computer code. With this module, you’ll be able to purchase any things from the listed suppliers and acquire a close list of your purchased things. Here you furthermore may get an acquisition comeback sub-module which will enable you to come back any defective things that you’ve got purchased.

  • Add Purchase
  • Manage Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Return Invoice

Account Management

Billing or accounts management is one of the elemental options of any online building management system. This computer code contains a complete account management system that will offer a chart of accounts to stay records of overall assets, equity, expense, income, and liabilities. Moreover, this module will assist you to get many vouchers sort of debit vouchers, credit vouchers, contra vouchers, and journal vouchers. Also, it will mechanically prepare the complete accounts reports, as well as voucher reports, cash book, bank book, ledger, balance, total income, and additional aspects.

  • (COA) Chart of Accounts
  • Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Account Reports

Human Resource Management

To manage your edifice business, beyond question, you’ve got to wish an entire human resource management system. while not this module, you wish to use the manual method to rent and manage your workers further as you’ll not keep track of the activities of your workers. In this regard, you’ll get an entire human resource management system that may permit you to manage your workers from the recruiting method to the payroll system. Also, it will keep a record of the worker attending further as effectively handle the leave management.

  • Employee Management
  • Recruitment System
  • Department
  • Attendance System
  • Leave management
  • Payroll System

Payment Settings

Thinking about the payment method? need to integrate multiple payment methods? you would like not to worry the least bit as a result you’ll get another very important module that may handle the general payment process. within the online edifice management system, it’s vital to own means |some ways|many ways} of processing your customer’s dealings securely and productively. With this module, you’ll be able to add many payment strategies and acquire a comprehensive list of all payment gateways. Also, this module will permit you to line up the payment gateways that you simply need to produce for your customers.

  • Payment Method List
  • Payment Setup System

Reporting System

A proper reportage system ensures the most success of your business. you’ll simply predict your profit or loss from your business reports. But, if you manually produce associate overall report, it’ll be terribly long for you. From this module, you’ll get complete reports of all bookings further as this module will generate associate overall purchase and stock reports mechanically. Moreover, it’ll save it slow and assist you to boost the productivity of your business.

  • Booking Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Stock Reports